Forum Title: Windows are sticky close to the tress?
I am living in my condo close to the trees. Outside windows are sticky from the trees. I tried using everything but it is still sticky. How do I remove the sticky from my windows?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: NEIL GRAVES (Bloomington, IN), 01/27/2019

Assuming this was a prehung exterior door, you should have laid a piece of 1/2 or 3/4 plywood down in the bottom of the rough opening before installing the door. You should always have enough room for the door to swing over a floor rug, at a minimum. If needed, you would enlarge the rough opening on top in order to facilitate that. So I'd say remove the door and install it higher. Only other thing might be that if the door/wall is not plumb, (top of door jamb leaning in) the door could also be swinging DOWN toward the floor making the clearance problem at the floor worse than it would be if the door was plumb. I understand that your floor is out of level, just mentioning this because it would compound the problem. If this is a door slab that you hung on an existing jamb, let us know what kind of door it is... wood, fiberglass, steel, etc. Any change to the bottom of the door would mean you would need a higher threshold on the door sill.

- JOSE WALKER (Baytown, TX), 02/10/2019

Tried everything? That's not much help. Have you tried sap remover like you use on a car? Have your tried Oops or Goof-Off? Have your tried mineral spirits. Any of these may damage paint or test first.

- LOIS POWELL (Elizabeth, NJ), 02/11/2019

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