Forum Title: What is the best tool to cut back expanding foam?
Hi all, I recently covered the hole where a cat flap had been in my front door by screwing two aluminium plates on to either side of the door and filling the hole in between with Expanding Foam. The foam expanded just slightly too much (I must have marginally overfilled) which has caused the aluminium sheets to bulge slightly. My question - if I temporarily remove the sheets to cut the foam back plush with the door, what is the best tool to use? I hear it's pretty tough stuff and also I don't want to remove the door when doing it. FYI - I used this from: No Nonsense Fire Rated Expanding Foam Gun Grade 750ml | Many thanks in advance. James
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: ELAINE JACOBS (Colorado Springs, CO), 01/16/2019

Welcome to the forums! Have you checked the latch side of the frame for plumb. Place a level on the face of your molding. I believe you will find the hinge side to be plumb, but the latch side to be out about a half a bubble. Your old door may have conformed to the frame from the date of manufacture, but the new slabs, although they are flat, won't fit a warped jamb.

- GREG CURTIS (Greeley, CO), 02/08/2019

I'm not familiar with that foam but I would try a handsaw. It should be long enough to bridge across the hole. Flex it and push it flat against the door surface and tape some cardboard to protect the paint from scratches.

- LLOYD LITTLE (Lauderhill, FL), 03/01/2019

Great - thanks guys! I'll report back on how effective the saw is!

- RUSSELL CRUZ (Waco, TX), 02/13/2019

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