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House built in 91; basement has its own entrance. French Door - one side opens. During rain water started coming in on the top, to the left of the stationary door. I pulled off molding and wood behind molding on top of the door and found a gap that was partially filled with the expanding foam. I want to redo this correctly to avoid water into the house. What is happening is water is landing on the deck above, then rolling between the cracks down the side of the house then on to the molding and then rolling back into the house and all the while wearing out the caulk. Any suggestions as to: 1) insulation 2) water proof 3) rebuilding the header 4) filing in gap. See Pics Wil
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: CARL P (Mesa, AZ), 01/04/2019

Welcome to the forums! If you remove the jack studs, you will be left with bubble gum to hold up your header. Short answer, no. I have seen 1x4's replacing 2x4's for interior door headers, but it is really iffy for support. Ideally you will want to remove one jack stud and king stud, the header and sheetrock surrounding it. Move the king and jack to the required opening and replace the header, resting it on the jacks. Stand by, XSleeper will be along shortly.

- AMANDA NELSON (Springdale, AR), 02/17/2019

I was going to say Z or drip flashing above the trim...but since that looks like poured concrete walls...that wouldn't be much help. I agree with working on the deck to try to deflect as much as possible, but a quality caulk should not wear out from water. Maybe cutting a taper on the top of the brickmold trim? Or better yet...cut a beveled piece of wood something like this ( sorry it's so small) and extend it about 2 on each side of the top brickmold. If the brickmold is caulked and the beveled piece on top is well caulked, it would direct any run down water off and away from the joint. Sort of like a window sill only on top of the door.

- CRYSTAL COLEMAN (Allen, TX), 02/21/2019

Thanks for the quick responses, additional fact: Above this door is the deck and the main floor back door entrance. Is there any flashing that would look good at the entryway of the door above (it is white brick) that will deflect the water away? Thanks Wil

- MILDRED COOK (Lake Forest, CA), 02/25/2019

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