Direct Gain: Grasping the Benefits of Passive Solar Design

Local emergency contractors - Ask And Expert - Support Services & Forum Pages - We will not forget to insulate the thermal mass from the outside climate, so that the heat you get from the sun does not drain away from your house. Apparently, passive solar design is not limited to windows, and we at Tempe Glass have learned that windows can become energy-efficient, only when they are part of a broader design solution, e. Make sure the glazing area is large enough to let more sunlight energy in. g. You cannot be sure that your passive solar design windows work appropriately, if you fail to use appropriate materials for your walls and floors. Ask specialists at Tempe Glass about the most ideal thermal mass ratio for your climate. , floors and walls. Free contractor estimates - drywall repair, sheetrock installation, ceiling finishing, wall cracks, plaster replacement. If you simply wish to improve the energy efficiency of your home, use water-filled containers inside the living space to absorb, convert, and radiate the energy back into the room ..More

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Tempe Glass: What’s New?

Find technicians - Pro Blog Service Pages - Here you can get acquainted with the latest news in the field of glass-making and decide what exactly you wish to do in order to feel more comfortable and warm at home. The past years witnessed the emergence of several new glass window technologies that have greatly reshaped today?s glass window market. Whatever type of glass you choose, you should know that in the age of technologies, there is nothing you could not do to improve your home. Low-e (low-emissivity) glass coatings represent just one of the many examples of such technologies. Just imagine how much energy you can save, only with the help of low-e windows! Triple and quadruple glazing will be a good way to reduce heat loss through your glass windows. All you need to do is to choose a professional in the field of glass, and Tempe Glass is definitely the best professional choice. With the help of low-e coatings, you can reduce energy losses during winter and reduce the heat gain in summer. Get free estimates - sheetrock patch, ceiling finishing, wall replacement, plaster repair service, drywall cracks. With Temple Glass you can have all these options installed in your home! If you are still not confident that low-e glass is what you need to optimize your energy costs, ask for improved glass spacers that reduce the heat loss ..More

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Gilbert Glass and Volatile Compounds

Directory listing of industrial contractors - Contractor Blogs - If you need more information about the way glass products are manufactured and whether they meet the basic safety regulations, please, ask Gilbert Glass. Free contractor estimates - ceiling texture, wall installation, plaster replacement, drywall finishing, sheetrock patch. We are ready to inform you about everything that interests you in the glass market. The amount of VOC is usually expressed as the number of grams per Liter of the substance (g/L). No, that certainly does not mean that VOC are necessarily dangerous! Also, that does not mean that all glass products are unfriendly to the environment. Basically, they heat their products and evaporate all volatile contents. Then they weight the product and measure the difference. It is nothing but pure chemistry, and our glass products meet all standards of quality and safety. The topic of VOC is important mainly because it provides a better understanding to consumers of the glass products they buy and use in their homes and businesses. Today?s manufacturers use complex methodologies to determine and disclose the VOC in their products ..More

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Metallic Glasses Have Unique Atomic Structure

Popular nationwide certified contractors - Talk To An Expert - Repair Forum Pages - Get free quotes - fix hole in drywall, painting services, insulation installation, water damage repair. Metallic glasses ? what are they? Do you think that metallic glasses are those made of specially designed metallic materials, or do you think that metallic glasses are a new trend in fashion? Neither of these ideas is correct. In reality, the metallic glass material has more to do with glass and electrical devices manufacturing than with fashion. Metallic glasses are relatively new but extremely functional and potentially useful element of the electric transformer production business. Home glass repair Chandler believes that it is high time to shed some light on the novelty and usefulness of new materials that are produced by glass manufacturers and do have the potential to become one of the main elements in the major production systems ..More

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Tempe Glass Making Physics Work

Top 10 certified contractors - Talk To An Expert - DIY Message Board - Residential & commercial services - water damage restoration, sheetrock installation, stucco crack repair, gypsum ceiling. We design home glass windows that are intended to collect and distribute solar energy in ways that make your presence at home more comfortable. In winter, our glass windows operate as an instrument of solar energy collection. In summer, you will see how our glass windows reject sunlight to make it cooler inside. This is actually what specialists at Tempe Glass call ?passive solar design?: we have a good command of solar physics laws and use them for your benefit and our profitability and success ..More

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