Direct Gain: Grasping the Benefits of Passive Solar Design

Listings Of professional contractors - Talk To Technicians - Blog - At night, or in darkness, the floor will convert and radiate this energy back into the room. Residential & commercial services - ceiling finishing, wall repair service, plaster installation, drywall patch, sheetrock replacement. Really, we think that direct gain is one of the best passive solar design techniques ever created in the glass industry. Passive solar design: how does it work? It's a common question, but not all, even the most experienced, glass professionals can provide a good answer to it. We at Tempe Glass believe that this is one of the best ways to make any house more energy-efficient. In direct gain windows, usually made of transparent glass, the warmth of sunlight comes into the house. The floor fulfills a complex function to absorb the energy coming through the window. It should be noted, that direct gain windows usually face south. Once inside, the sunlight energy hits the floor, usually made of a dark well-absorbing material. In this post, we want to talk about the so-called direct gain, which is believed to be one of the simplest and common energy-efficient techniques of window design. As of today, specialists at Tempe Glass know a variety of passive solar design techniques that can enhance the quality and comfort of any window ..More

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Mesa Glass Speaks about Stained Glass

Find best 10 master contractors - Ask And Expert - Faqs - Message Board - Free contractor estimates - drywall repair, sheetrock installation, ceiling finishing, wall cracks, plaster replacement. Stained glass: what is it? Over years of professional work in glass business, we received dozens of questions regarding the nature, utility, and functionality of stained glass. This is why we at Mesa Glass believe that our customers need to know more about different types of glass, and today we decided to focus on stained glass ..More

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Glass Recycling: Economic and Environmental Driver

10 Best reputed technicians - Help Center - Repair & Service Guide - Get free quotes - gypsum ceiling, soundproofing, install drywall, patching plaster, replace ceiling tiles. The mere fact that the glass recycling industry is a driver of job creation suggests that the industry greatly contributes to the economic growth in America. Based on the result of the most recent economic analysis, the glass recycling industry in the United States is actually a powerful driver of economic and financial growth, affecting all major sectors of economy and its overall state. Home glass repair Chandler believes that this information can be extremely useful for anybody looking to understand the trends and patterns affecting today?s glass industry. As of today, the glass recycling industry is the creator of almost 460,000 jobs, with more than $10 billion in revenues earned during 2011. Glass Packaging Institute has published the most recent information regarding the glass recycling industry?s current state and progression ..More

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Efficient Windows: What’s New?

10 Best reputed residential contractors - Home Technician Blogs - Free contractor estimates - ceiling finishing, wall repair service, plaster installation, drywall patch, sheetrock replacement. Window performance is being influenced by a variety of factors, which include but are not limited to climate and location, shading conditions and window orientation, window area and location in your new home, window type and even the way your window is installed. Second, you must ensure that the glass windows you choose for your new home utilize the benefits of natural energy, including sunlight, to the fullest but do not distort the way your new home looks. For example, if your house is south-oriented, optimize orientation to get most of your windows on the south side of your home. You will not have to worry about the quality of your windows and your comfort in the house. Ask Gilbert Glass to explain the benefits and principles of energy-efficient glass window design. We at Gilbert Glass pay considerable attention to all these things. This way, you will get plenty of warmth and sunlight to keep your home warm during cold times. Remember, that when it comes to glass windows, it is always better to trust the business to distinguished professionals: we at Gilbert Glass are ready to fulfill even the most challenging glass window task!. What do you need to know if you are going to build a new home for yourself? First, your windows must meet the energy code requirements for your zone ..More

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Indirect Gain: Glass and Construction Working Collaboratively

Directory Of master contractors - Forum - Inspections & Maintenance - Free contractor estimates - sheetrock repair service, ceiling installation, wall cracks, plaster texture, drywall finishing. This is why we recommend that our glass professionals and your construction agents work together to create a perfect home for you!. Certainly, indirect gain windows and walls present a perfect solution to many energy problems, but only at the stage of design. However, we at Mesa Glass cannot ignore the fact that indirect gain windows are difficult to manage in home and business buildings that have been completed. One of the major benefits of indirect gain windows is that the mason wall used in it releases the energy from the sun several hours ..More

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